Hello friends! My name is Jenna and I am a lifestyle photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. Since 2008 I've been passionately seeking out authentic moments and I've always believed that the best portraits are ones of candid spontaneity. During your session, I want you and your family to have fun, to play, to be yourselves, and even bring your pets along. My goal is that together we'll capture the raw and real moments that turn a snapshot into a treasure that captures the essence of your personality. You won't have to wear matching outfits and pray that everyone looks at least mildly happy at the same time. And you will never, EVER have to utter the word "cheese". What we'll find together are the fantastic combinations of personalities that make your family unique. Those special quirks and gleeful expressions and sideways glances of inside jokes. So let the kids be goofy and get silly with your spouse. Just be YOU and I will take care of the rest.



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